A beautifully landscaped property will not only increase your homes value and curb appeal, it will also increase the sense of pride you take in your home. D & D CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING  INC. gains it sense of pride by inspiring beautiful and fictional outdoor spaces. Our design process involves engaging and educating our clients, while always taking into consideration how the space will be used and how the landscape will grow throughout the years. Using the latest CAD design software, our designers will create an outdoor living area that will fit your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle. At the initial Design consultation with our designers meet with potential clients to walk through the property and discuss the expectations and priorities of the individuals involved. Prior to this meeting we ask that the client schedule a 15 minute call with our designers and provide us a copy of the plat to allow us to have a better sense of your needs, preferences, and budget of your project. The design fee will be based on the amount of time the architect/designer estimates it will take to property design and revise your plans based on the complexity of the project and the site. If you have D & D CONSTRUCTION & LANDSCAPING  INC. install your landscape then the design fee will be refunded upon completion of your project.